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  • Koi with sugar skull

    Koi resembles strength, determination, and courage to fight on even though it’s going against the current. The sugar skull is for my wife and the numbers 4..7..2..3 stand for Gabriel Rochelle Always Forever

  • Sugar skull

    My arm represents a sense of family, community, and belonging as well as tradition and culture

  • Day of the Dead

  • Tara’s sugar skull

    A symbol of love

  • sugar skull and owl

    Owls have always had meaning for me, growing up being in my grandma’s house they were every where and they’ve always followed me especially in times of change so in this time of change I decided it was time to… [ read more ]

  • Aries Ram Skull

    This is my horoscope/ star sign , for the month I was born.

  • my bonita

    reflects myove of sugar skulls

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