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  • sugar skull and owl

    Owls have always had meaning for me, growing up being in my grandma’s house they were every where and they’ve always followed me especially in times of change so in this time of change I decided it was time to… [ read more ]

  • Aries Ram Skull

    This is my horoscope/ star sign , for the month I was born.

  • my bonita

    reflects myove of sugar skulls

  • Owl

    I love owls and being portugese I grew up with sugar skulls all around. My owl is just that with the colors of the portugese flag.

  • Sugar Skull – mans arm

    wife has one. been to Central America many times and have seen great art and ruins. Also got married in Mexico BTW

  • Her.

    This tattoo added to my sleeve is for my interest of how inspired I am by the meaning behind sugar skulls, the creation of them and personality.

  • Skull and roses

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