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  • Thigh Sugar Skull and Peonies

    On the Mexican day of the dead, decorated skulls are used to remember those you have loved and lost. To me it also represents how something considered to be unattractive (like a scary skull) can be beautiful. Peonies are my… [ read more ]

  • Sugar skull and snake

  • Limoore by Frederic-D

    Limoore by Frederic-D Photography

  • Limoore by Andy G. Mutanga

    Sugar Limoore

  • Limoore by Frederik Van den Broeck

    Limoore let come spring into her heart

  • Limoore by Vru Menei

    My life is tasty

  • roz’s sugar skull

    first arm tattoo. i really wanted a sugar skull for ages like a couple of years but never found one i liked enough to have inked. when i saw this beauty i knew i had to have it. it took… [ read more ]

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