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  • All Back Anubis With the Yin&Yang Moon and Sun


  • Basic me

    Wow, where to start. I made my sleeve myself when I was very young. I started drawing it for fun and for quite a few years I waited for the perfect memories to go into filling the gaps. It became… [ read more ]

  • Solar System

    This sleeve was my first big tattoo, and I had always pictured myself as having a lot of tattoos as an adult, even when I was very little. I always found them to be fascinating and beautiful on other women… [ read more ]

  • 179278_10150386624100319_78587

    My brother who passed away was very into religion, asian cultures and buddhism, since hes passed away most of the tattoos Ive got have been symbolic for him, its made me feel closer to him and has been very therapeutic.

  • 118_4814

    this is a cover-up

  • OgAAAMnNlIWus6F9FIfoGCyQPnjNU-

    life is not a bed of roses