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  • Lego Batman and Robin

    Father/son tattoo bonding session

  • Hulk rage

    As a kid I had nightmares of the hulk, so I decided to embrace him and now he’s like my interself.

  • The Flash

  • Marvel/DC sleeve by Tivis Phillips at Danny’s Ancient Art in Blacksburg, Va.

    My son and i both love superheroes. I added Mr. freeze for him with his name in icy lettering.

  • Wolverine

    Always been a huge fan of the comic and character

  • Superman Kissing Lois Lane

    This is my first tattoo. ;the original picture was wonder woman and superman;My wife has been always been my Lois Lane. So I had the artist change wonder woman to Lois hours of work.over 4 sessions ;I love Superman. my… [ read more ]

  • Superman Kissing Lois Lane

    I have always loved Superman and when i found this art in the New 52 Justice League comic i knew it was what i wanted my first tattoo to be. The original art had Wonderwoman. My wife has always been… [ read more ]

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