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  • Lion

    I combined the astrology signs of my two daughters. The Leo and Taurus and this was a result.

  • Skull jester

    it’s significant because to me it symbolizes a progressive step for me in the direction I’d like to take my art.

  • Red sun, Red moon, Red disc

    This tattoo, to me shows the beauty and serenity that this land, people, and the ancients. The name of the Great Queen means “Beautiful”. 18th Dynasty, Royal Age. Nefertari’s was the great royal life of the heretic king, Akenenaten and… [ read more ]

  • Indian Mistress

    This is a custom piece I designed for a younger gentleman who needed a quote “hot indian chick” so this is what we came up with. Amanda Stiles Modify Tattoo & Piercing Co. 423.438.7333

  • Salvador Dalí

    the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary

  • She’s a Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

    It reminds me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I look at my tattoo everyday and although she is a completely drawn up character from my artists’ head, it reminds me that everyone is beautiful in their… [ read more ]

  • scottish fiery dance

    I am in art school, I love surrealism and I took inspiration from a Vladimir Kush painting and added a scottish thistle stem to it instead of the dandelion it was. My tattoo artist is amazing and brought to life… [ read more ]

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