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  • Swallows

  • swallowd

    Love and loyalty to my family. And when the military see one they know they’re close to land. I live on an island and most of my family were in the military and work on the water. So very fitting:)

  • Ocean Flyer

    It represents the good fortune of returning from sea after each deployment.

  • Chest piece for daughter

    All about and for my 6 year old daughter! Her name, roses for her beauty, nautical star for her direction, 2 swallows facing each other for love and us being together as recently separated from wife, stars to symbolise without… [ read more ]

  • Olive tree

  • image

    This tattoo signifies a tragic event that our family has come thru. The fish is representative of myself swimming upwards, breaking free( the anchor)with Gods help( the hands) towards my strength that kept me going,my children( the swallows) and my… [ read more ]

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