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  • Triquetra

  • Dotwork Ankh

    I’m obsessed with Egyptology and dotwork, so after years of wanting this tattoo, I finally got this beauty, the only bad thing about it is that I forget it’s there!

  • Strength

    I don’t know what the symbols actually represents but for me I feel as though its representing a strong heart

  • Assassin’s Symbol

    It represents the last free will of the people a organization dating back 100s of years changing history through assassination “nothing is true, everything is permitted”

  • twin sister

  • music symbol

    Personal reason I’ve loved music every since I was little

  • Honda

    I got in a bad car accident last April in an 89 Honda civic ef hatch and woke up under a semi trailer. I got the Honda emblem to remind me of that night and that it will take more… [ read more ]

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