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  • ~Mermaid Outline~

    I love the ocean and mermaids are beautiful to me! I can’t wait to get her colored in!

  • Revolution

    Every tattoo that i do has great meaning and significance. Being a 23 year old female tattoo artist, with each of my works, brings me one step closer to my goal “to inspire and be inspired”.

  • Horror Face

  • Panda

    I have loved panda bears and Asian culture since very early childhood so I finally got my beloved animal on me: a panda with some classic bamboo. (Done in Cincinnati at Beelistics on Vine by Will Mordecai.)

  • Muecke Tattoo

    It sure was fun to do.

  • Secret messages you’ll never know

    I’ve always knew I wanted a big tattoo one day and not different images on all kinds of places. So I once asked my best friend what kind of tattoo would be typical me. Then she answered ‘A naked woman’…. [ read more ]

  • Peacock feather side peice

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