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  • Life Goes On

    A fresh start

  • Smile

    I got this tattoo during the (so far) hardest part of my life. A reminder to smile. plus I enjoy photography.

  • Life goes on

    That life goes on folks..

  • Life goes on

    That life goes on..

  • Faithfully

    My wife wanted to et matching tattoos of “Faithfully” by Journey, which was our first dance song. This was her third tattoo and my first. I believe the font is called “Shit Happens” which was modified by my wife before… [ read more ]

  • the S

  • Love

    This tattoo is extremely important to me and has the most significance because I had my boyfriend/fiance write the quote for me. I originally wanted a movie quote from the film The Crow that was two sentences long (Ive loved… [ read more ]

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