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  • Life goes on

    That life goes on folks..

  • Life goes on

    That life goes on..

  • Faithfully

    My wife wanted to et matching tattoos of “Faithfully” by Journey, which was our first dance song. This was her third tattoo and my first. I believe the font is called “Shit Happens” which was modified by my wife before… [ read more ]

  • the S

  • Love

    This tattoo is extremely important to me and has the most significance because I had my boyfriend/fiance write the quote for me. I originally wanted a movie quote from the film The Crow that was two sentences long (Ive loved… [ read more ]

  • Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

    The tattoo translates as “Who Watches the Watchmen?” (though there are some variations to this) It asks an important question about power and those who wield it. Whom should have it if anyone? Who can be trusted with it? How… [ read more ]

  • image

    Growing up, my brother was the only one really there for me since him and I were living in foster homes. When I was about ten, he was eighteen, I got really interested in birds. I’d study and draw them… [ read more ]