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  • Lion

    I’m a Leo so I feel I’ve always grown up fascinated by lions, they’re attitude, strength, etc. My friend Hannah drew this up for me when I said I wanted some form of a lion and I thought it was… [ read more ]

  • Octoclock

  • Ram skull and mountain lion

    Love doing realism…especially people and animals…this was a fun piece!!

  • R2-Tea2 by Chris 51

    I tattooed this on my wife, who is my biggest critic, and biggest pain in my ass to tattoo lol.

  • colour realism lion

    Artist – Carl Coyne at The Tattooed Gent

  • Girl and Wolf

    This is one of the tattoos that I started using techniques that I haven’t been able to use for awhile and started using colors; This tattoo is a tattoo that is not on me; but on my friends girlfriends thigh.

  • Sexy Librarian

    I love getting tattoos. It is an absolute addiction. I plan to get more. I only have six. I plan to add more to my leg possibly sleeve it out. Kisses

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