• malificeny

    I’m huge into Disney movies. So i decided that since malificent is one of the most deceitful villains in sleeping beauty I’d love to get a depiction of that on my leg.

  • Beautiful black paisley

  • Dragon & Fairy

    The fairy has her own wings which as a skydiver i like and i have the dragon as i was born in the year of the dragon

  • Zombie pinup

    It’s only the second part of my two thigh pieces that will represent the past vs. the now.

  • beauty and the beast


  • Callalily

    Calla Lilly is my favorite flower…the soft flowers and abstract butterflies represent my my softer side mixed with the rough branches signify that there is more to me than meets the eye..more than just a pretty face

  • The Masterful Jack White

    This tattoo was an amazing way to pay homage to one of the greatest guitar players ever to exist and my long-time favorite musician, Jack White. The tattoo plays on the theme of “Good vs. Evil” as a nod to… [ read more ]


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