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  • Ganesh

    I love this piece. I have a fascination with religions from all walks of life and Ganesha would have to be one of my favorites. The dermal in the headdress makes the piece really tie in quite well. Plus, the… [ read more ]

  • Death by Sugar Skull

  • silent nurse

    I am a psychiatric nurse and love tattoos. This tattoo seemed to fit my personality pperfectly. It’s a twist on the silent hill nurses

  • Rose neck tattoo

    My tattoo represents my pain the love of red and roses. Every meaning of most of all names resemble my children the love I have for them and the struggle if gone threw .

  • Rose Butterfly Garden

    This tattoo was my third tattoo. Its significance to me is of new life and memory of family member.

  • flower and swirls

  • White Tiger

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