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  • jaguar bouquet

    Third tattoo, my biggest, my favorite tattoo

  • A bird that stays awake when the rest of the world sleeps.

  • hubiscus

    It is the one i put least thought into and gets the most compliments

  • My wild side

    The cheetah print down my side represents my wild side. It’s the side that comes out when it’s dark. The side of me that everyone should be scared of yet attracted by. It shows that I’m wild yet majestic, beautiful,… [ read more ]

  • butterflies

    A meaning of my life and what has happened these years of my life

  • %100 Healed Day Of The Dead Girl

  • Predator

    As I am a new tattoo artist, with only a few years under my belt, this piece is stretching my boundaries and doing color realism. Taking the step I would like my career path to go in.

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