• Pink Floyd Mashup

    I’ve been a fan of Pink Floyd for many years.

  • Alter ego

    I’m a pretty girl with a split personality

  • Rated

    One of the first pieces from a tattoo artist that first started tattooing.

  • Daggers

    Tattoo done by Antonio Roque of Frederick,MD

  • 2nd session on thigh piece

    Done by artist @Matthew_inked @ Art In Soul in New Paltz, NY

  • Rose Dreamcatcher Thigh Tattoo

    I got this tattoo for my parents after my dad’s thirteenth surgery, his second open heart surgery. He is 46 and my best friend. My parents mean everything to me. So I got this tattoo the rise party for my… [ read more ]

  • guns & roses – still in progress

    This is a piece that a friend asked to do for a photo shoot to advertise for his new shop. Turned out great, can’t wait to show it off. We still need to add color and more shading, but even… [ read more ]