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  • corset tat

    I love this tattoo it represents my inner sexiness, braveness, and the love for my haters that talk behind my back if they look at little further I call it how I see it. Envy me.

  • Ruthle$$

    At some point in our lives we are ruthless. If not about everything about certain things. I for one am ruthless when it comes to my money, family, and friends. If you hurt them or take from me I’ll be… [ read more ]

  • apocalypse

    This tattoo for me represents mother earth, so sickened by what we have done to her that she is watching the disaster unfold from afar.

  • Dark Side for Life

    I have adored Star Wars for my entire life. I am almost 33 and after 2 years of hemming and hawing I finally got my Dark Side tattoo done.

  • Pink Floyd Mashup

    I’ve been a fan of Pink Floyd for many years.

  • Alter ego

    I’m a pretty girl with a split personality

  • Rated

    One of the first pieces from a tattoo artist that first started tattooing.