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  • butterflies

    A meaning of my life and what has happened these years of my life

  • %100 Healed Day Of The Dead Girl

  • Predator

    As I am a new tattoo artist, with only a few years under my belt, this piece is stretching my boundaries and doing color realism. Taking the step I would like my career path to go in.

  • Sassy Stylist

    I Cut. I dry. I Blow You Dry.

  • Raffles

    Inspiration from my horse Raffles

  • scarecrow

    I’m a huge batman fan firstly, also I have had a lot of nightmares in the past so the scarecrow shows what nightmares are made of and that I’ve conquered that part of my life.

  • Anatomy of Donald Duck

    When i saw the Disney Tattoos Post on Facebook i thought i could share mine. Donald Duck is my absolute childhood hero and when my tattoo artist and me saw this picture, we both knew that it belonged on my… [ read more ]

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