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  • guns n roses

    The roses represent my two daughters, my mom n my grandma, and the gun is me

  • Alice in wonderland

    I chose alice in wonderland because everyone perceives life in a different way and we all have are own unique experiences that led us down different paths to become the person we are today! My tattoo was done by Jess… [ read more ]

  • Ariel

    This tattoo memories my fist baby girl die and my baby girl Rebecca she like Disney

  • An elephant never forgets

    It keeps and expresses all the good times and all the people I’ve loved and lost that I never want to forget, just like an elephant wouldn’t,

  • marilyn Monroe

  • Jimi Hendrix

    Jimi’s music has inspired me a lot through my teens and 20′s, he is my idol and my inspiration. Of all my tattoos this one means the most…

  • Water color bird

    watercolor thigh piece