• anchor and lifebouy

    I got this tattoo done at a Sydney tattoo expo on the lower left thigh and the meaning behind it is that my brother drowned swimming across a river so the anchor is because he drowned and the lifebouy is… [ read more ]

  • Skull and Roses

    Skulls are my favorite. I wanted something to show that and this can out stunning- so much detail and rich color.

  • Freddy blossom tree

    I love the two thoughts put together. It was just a design my artist drew and I loved it! It’s very colorful and vibrant!!

  • Lizelle

    I love my ink as it symbolizes a new beginning in my life as a cancer survivor. My tattoo stretches from my shoulder to my thigh…. A dragon, phoenix, koi and lotus, all color and done freehand.

  • garter#gun

    It’s made by my dear friend Emma Doris Smith best tattoo artist I know n I love her n tattoo…

  • Kitsune

    Tattoo artist: Davide Campi, Horidoze Tattoo, Grassobbio, Italy

  • unique