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  • Whatercollor

    My work

  • Joeys’ Portrait

    My son, Joey, passed away at 22 months old on March 13th, 2013. This portrait tattoo was actually “donated” to me by my tattoo artist, Bear, when he heard the news of what happened. In thepicture it was actually drawn… [ read more ]

  • New York!

  • Koi Swimming Upstream

    To showcase my personal growth and my perseverance through all the hard times faced in life thus far, as well as ones I have yet to encounter.

  • Dream Catcher

  • day of the dead mermaid

  • Heart of a gypsy

    The gypsy woman reminds me to enjoy every second of life’s adventure, because you never know what will happen. Also to stay in tune with my energy, an example of such would be to listen to my heart and instincts.

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