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  • The ancient tree

    I have several tattoos but this one is the most meaningful of them all. It’s a most cherished family “portrait”, originally and beautifully done by Orlando Gonçalves (Vila Real, Portugal).

  • Daughter Inspired

    My 11year old daughter designed the flower in black, grey, and red by freehand drawing. The words are love, faith, honor, and trust. These are the same words engraved on my husbands wedding ring. This tattoo speaks to my soul!!… [ read more ]

  • Native american

    I have Native American blood and my mother took it to heart, I even had a favorite dreamcatcher as a kid that I would bring with me every time I left for the night. I also have a thing for… [ read more ]

  • Stay True

  • leg piece

    I never met my great grandmother. Everyone tells me I am just like her. She loved owls. I love flowers. My birthday is the day of the dead which celebrates life. The owl represents my great grandmother and the floral… [ read more ]

  • Innocence of Tink

    I love tinkerbell and it reminds me of the innocence of my sister that passed away

  • Grey wash