• Freddy blossom tree

    I love the two thoughts put together. It was just a design my artist drew and I loved it! It’s very colorful and vibrant!!

  • Lizelle

    I love my ink as it symbolizes a new beginning in my life as a cancer survivor. My tattoo stretches from my shoulder to my thigh…. A dragon, phoenix, koi and lotus, all color and done freehand.

  • garter#gun

    It’s made by my dear friend Emma Doris Smith best tattoo artist I know n I love her n tattoo…

  • Kitsune

    Tattoo artist: Davide Campi, Horidoze Tattoo, Grassobbio, Italy

  • unique

  • gypsy woman

    just a beautiful face, a whole lot of pretty in one tattoo. gypsy for travellers spirit and freedom.

  • grandparents

    My grandma loves roses, my grandpa would always carry his old school pocket watch, and the time on the watch is the month and year he passed away <3


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