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  • sexy and classy

    The blue flower is a cover up of my wedding. It was a horrible marriage. The rose represents blossoming to me. The skull represents overcoming something terrible and becoming beauty

  • thigh bows

  • Kill Pride, Hurt Feelings

    I can be sweet but if you mess with me, i can not only make you cry but kill you’re pride.

  • Great Blue Heron

    This was a dream since I was a kid! I have always loved tattoos and as a little girl was mesmerized by them. I became a collector, and after 12 + pieces, I finally dove into the biggest piece yet…. [ read more ]

  • Justice For All

    I’ve been through a lot in life, especially in this last year. When I look at this tat, I see a strong, bad assed chic, I see a survivor. She reminds me that I too can/will survive. I can make… [ read more ]

  • All of my Tattoos

    all of my tattoos represent who I am

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