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  • Third Eye

    I love Alex Grey art therefore i love having his paintings in my body. Interbeing is the name of another of his paintings that i’m also getting tattoed on my back. And the eye is called “the third eye” the… [ read more ]

  • Alex Grey The Kiss of the Muse

    This is my wife’s tattoo. We love Alex Grey’s art. This is a painting that talks about the progress of the soul and it’s call “The Kiss of the Muse”. Also we are huge fans of the band muse so… [ read more ]

  • Wolf Head Chest Piece

    The entire tattoo in the image is representative of myself. The main piece (wolf head) has significance to me in its relative characteristics to myself. All other pieces that make the whole chest tattoo also add to the idea.

  • Stoned Ape by T.C. Perkins

    Represents prying open your third eye.

  • Diamonds and The Illuminati

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