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  • Dragon Tiger – Yin Yang

    How I try to live my life! a reminder to me when I look in the mirror

  • Tiger with Book Bag

    It signifies an adventurous soul.

  • Tiger

    I have a great love for tigers, and to be up close and playing with them was an experience I will never forget!

  • collage

    All of my tattoos tell a story of my life.. they r coping mechanisms and self expression!

  • E.L.P By Hr Giger Chest Piece

    I love the art by H.R Giger, and hope to one day be completely covered in his artwork.

  • Tiger Tattoo

    I inked this on my uncle’s arm recently this year and it’s become one of my favorite works so far. I like to think it’s clean, has great saturation and great composition. It’s a pretty solid example of my progress…. [ read more ]

  • Tiger and Rabbit half sleeve by Yliana Paolini

    These are the Chinese zodiac signs of my 2 children.

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