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  • Hand with Roses

    Tattoo by Liam Kerr @ Needlework Tattoo in Lightwater UK. Traditional hand holding rose stem in black shading. “Reminds me of my mum’s rose bushes growing up”

  • Roses traditional

    Start of my sleeve. reminds me of my mum’s roses

  • me

    I don’t believe that every tattoo has a significant meaning I’d say 80% of mine do the rest are just designs I admire from an artist or something that I really wanted like a shark or a tiger

  • Lotus Dragonfly

  • Ohio

    This tattoo will always represent where I come from! Anywhere I go people will know where I’m from!

  • Hiraeth

    This tattoo features a piece of my homeland and the word “hiraeth” means “a longing for places of one’s past, homeland, a place to which one may never return or that never actually was”.

  • Japanese Ryu Dragon by Horisuzu Taku

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