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  • Sugar Skull – mans arm

    wife has one. been to Central America many times and have seen great art and ruins. Also got married in Mexico BTW

  • inner tiger

    inner forces

  • The Painter

  • Fox new traditional

    the fox is a beautiful animal and also wise, so is a lesson I have to learn

  • The Legend Of Zelda

    the two zelda tattoo’s on my back symbolize my earliest memory i have of my father playing Zelda with me. the Diablo angle on my shoulder shows my love for gaming o this day, and the snake skull candle on… [ read more ]

  • Ships Wheel

    It has a personal meaning. It is an albumcover from a favorite band of mine. The band helped me through bad times.

  • Great Blue Heron

    This was a dream since I was a kid! I have always loved tattoos and as a little girl was mesmerized by them. I became a collector, and after 12 + pieces, I finally dove into the biggest piece yet…. [ read more ]