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  • hey sailor

  • Feminine but Tough

    I love the work that Chris Stuart has done! He repaired these roses, and completed my half-sleeve. I am so happy to have it finished.

  • Tako

    Two years ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which severely altered my hormones, and I fell into a deep depression. It affected my work, finances, and friendships. I spent a lot of time at home reading and browsing the Internet… [ read more ]

  • Native female

    Wife and I got matching tattoos. I got a female and she got the chief.

  • Dragon Head

    My youngest daughter was born in the year of the dragon. This tattoo represents that. The pregnancy was extremely tough but we made it through! I’m a big believer in telling bits of my life through my tattoos. Not only… [ read more ]

  • Hamsa

    This is my very first tattoo, I got it so im always protected and so it can worn off bad vibes and bad people away from me. The eye here isn’t colored in, but i have gotten my mothers eye… [ read more ]

  • Dead Native American with headpiece

    I am part Native American and love skulls so I had a mix of the 2 put together

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