• kewpie mermaid

  • traditional rose ladies

    In reminder that life is temporary and death may be closer than we might think, so enjoy it!

  • kristal

    Photo of my wife. D9ne by Moe Garcia at Mod n Art Fresno ca

  • Elvis 56 Cadillac

    My mom is the biggest Elvis fan around. I grew up listening to Elvis, hearing about his life story and even visiting Graceland twice! The song “That’s All Right Mama” will always remind me of her; I even had it… [ read more ]

  • Buck

  • Scripture and one for mom.

    The diamond with mom in it isfor my mom and the color is her birthstone color. The Diamond is a precious stone so therefore my mom is precious to me. The scripture is psalm 118:6, means I shouldn’t fear man… [ read more ]

  • Anchor/Pocketwatch

    I got the tattoo for my grandfather, he was in the Navy, I always looked up to him and wanted to live like him. He passed away and got the tattoo in honor of him