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  • Phoenix

    My youngest brother is serving overseas as a US Marine. His first baby girl he said he would name Phoenix because the name mean so much to him. So I got this to remember my brother. He was speechless and… [ read more ]

  • Traditional Maori Tribal

    When i traveled around Oceania i ended up in Christchurch where i met a tattoo artist who was part of a original Maori tribe. We designed together my Maori tribal which tells a long and very intimate story. I will… [ read more ]

  • Aloha Monkey (romeo)

    My way to honor Sailor Jerry Collins for everything he gave us….also my way of telling the world if you don’t like me you can kiss my monkey ass…as I walk away from you.

  • Tobias the Tiger

    Fierceness, pride and loyalty

  • roz’s sugar skull

    first arm tattoo. i really wanted a sugar skull for ages like a couple of years but never found one i liked enough to have inked. when i saw this beauty i knew i had to have it. it took… [ read more ]

  • gypsy woman

    just a beautiful face, a whole lot of pretty in one tattoo. gypsy for travellers spirit and freedom.

  • Color Chest Piece/Forearm