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  • Retro Rocket Ship

    Reminds me of my grandpa. We used to always go see sci fi movies, so this tattoo keeps those memories but has a bit of my personality.

  • corpse bride/tattooed pin up

    It is covering old self harm scars which I’ve wanted covered for years. Favourite movie is corpse bride, and I love Gil’s work (the tattoo artist) his traditional pin ups are amazing so I really wanted him to do me… [ read more ]

  • Gypsy Soul

    Words of advice to from my old self to my future lovers.

  • Neck tattoo

    I have a pocket watch and a rose on my neck, I was obsessed with pocket watches as a kid , the time is set on 12:22 the date I got with my man 😉 8 years strong .

  • Traditional style skull and roses Thigh piece

    It’s just a beautiful traditional style piece of art and I enjoy seeing it on my body.

  • Rose between thorns

    First tattoo on my best friend

  • Tiger

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