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  • Tattooed Pinup

    always wanted a pinup tattoo from @pinupsbygil

  • Imperfection

    Stepping stones of life

  • Cobra by Fabian Bidart done at 13 Needles Tattoo!

  • greaser sugar skull

    This tattoo is one of my favorite sugar skull tattoos I have done its new school yet traditional. first traditional tattoo I have ever done

  • Mammas boy

    My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and I really love and cherish my mom so because she was doing all she could to fight breast cancer I did as well. So after donating to charities and running charity runs… [ read more ]

  • Traditional Clipper Ship by Judd Broome

    Judd Broome from Ink Spot Tattoo in Venice, FL did this piece. He did an amazing job on it and I was able to watch the whole creative process put to paper and then ofcourse my body. He is an… [ read more ]

  • Chest piece

    Love for life.