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  • Mammas boy

    My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and I really love and cherish my mom so because she was doing all she could to fight breast cancer I did as well. So after donating to charities and running charity runs… [ read more ]

  • Traditional Clipper Ship by Judd Broome

    Judd Broome from Ink Spot Tattoo in Venice, FL did this piece. He did an amazing job on it and I was able to watch the whole creative process put to paper and then ofcourse my body. He is an… [ read more ]

  • Chest piece

    Love for life.

  • Traditional Japanese

    I have wanted a sleeve tattoo for quite some time. This artwork is phenomenal and done by a very talented artist. It is definetly part of me.

  • Phoenix

    My youngest brother is serving overseas as a US Marine. His first baby girl he said he would name Phoenix because the name mean so much to him. So I got this to remember my brother. He was speechless and… [ read more ]

  • Traditional Maori Tribal

    When i traveled around Oceania i ended up in Christchurch where i met a tattoo artist who was part of a original Maori tribe. We designed together my Maori tribal which tells a long and very intimate story. I will… [ read more ]

  • Aloha Monkey (romeo)

    My way to honor Sailor Jerry Collins for everything he gave us….also my way of telling the world if you don’t like me you can kiss my monkey ass…as I walk away from you.