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  • Tree of life

    I list my mother out of nowhere memorial weekend 2015. Thanks to my amazing tattoo artist Tiago Campos I was about to express how I feel about loosing my mom. Half the tree is dying and although I’m sad I… [ read more ]

  • Darwins Tree Of Life

    I’m a scientist and this is one of my nerdier tattoos, i have this on the inside of my left ankle, and a serotonin molecule on the inside of my right ankle.

  • Tree of life

    It stands for my celtic roots. The roots stand for my family, the tree trunk stands for a strong me and the tree top stands for a good future.

  • my tree

    This was my first big tat

  • Tree of Life

    This is my first tattoo ever. I went with this design from a picture I saw and I had an artist friend recreate it the way I wanted it to look. The tattoo artist did an amazing job(:

  • Tree of Life Masterpiece

    This tattoo signifies my life as a whole. My first tattoo was on my lower back which was covered with a rock at the base of the tree and the tree connected all of my first tattoos to create an… [ read more ]

  • my mom’s memorial

    My mom was a wiccan priestess who kept herself closely guarded behind a mental stone wall. Completed by the amazing Darryl Torgerson at Temple Decor in Kalispell, Montana. My first reaction upon completion was bursting into tears.. My poor artist.

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