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    Memorial tattoo- cherry blossom is my favorite tree, represents tree of life. The three “winds” are for my aunt, grandma, and nephew who passed away.

  • Floral Sleeve

    My truth and floral sleeve, signifies life, family, and the joys and struggle that come from them all.

  • Lightning by Lorenzo Evil Machines

  • Cedar Tree

    My fathers family yields from Lebanon, where the country’s flag bears the cedar tree. The original spelling of my last name in arabic translates to gift. The quote is a representation of the greatest gift that my father could give… [ read more ]

  • Life

    It’s a memorial to my family…seahorse means my grandmother, hummingbirds my mom and I, pegasus my grandfather. The tree is my whole life

  • Back peice

  • Skeleton Tree

    47 hour tattoo 6 sessions total.. the two skeletons intertwine from roots to the heavens…leads to a half sleeve with an owl perch on the banches…

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