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  • Piano Tree

    It was designed for me by my amazing sister and tattooed by one of the most talented artists I know.

  • Tree of life

    This tattoo shows me that I need to always remember my roots. I was pining to get this tattoo for years and my wishes were granted when I got this on my 18th birthday. When it’s finished I’ll have a… [ read more ]

  • Leg peice

  • Live Oak

    Family background

  • Lady in the tree

    When complete it will illustrate my idea of a family tree. A family tree is not possible without the strength of a Woman.

  • medusa

    It represents the beauty in woman, the fighter in woman, ans the evil/bitch in woman

  • tree

    This is my second tattoo. It’s beautiful. It shows the part of me that is a night owl and embraces the beauty of nature and night.

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