• Tree

    This is for loved ones who have passed on.

  • Oak tree

    Forever reminding me, no matter what happens be strong. The oak breaks, gets hit by lightning, diseased, yet it perseveres and grows stronger.

  • Olive tree

  • Tree of Life Masterpiece

    This tattoo signifies my life as a whole. My first tattoo was on my lower back which was covered with a rock at the base of the tree and the tree connected all of my first tattoos to create an… [ read more ]

  • Oak tree

    It’s the strength and power an oak has that I feed off of. Broken, bent, or twisted, the oak still goes on as the mightiest tree in the forest. “That which does not kill u, makes u stronger”

  • Tree

  • Darwin’s Tree of Life

    This tattoo represents my atheism. I took Darwin’s tree of life drawing, from one of his handwritten notebooks, and added a finch, that he studied.