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  • Tree of life

    It stands for my celtic roots. The roots stand for my family, the tree trunk stands for a strong me and the tree top stands for a good future.

  • Watercolor Tree

  • Tree

    My wife passed away in 2012 and I took a picture of the tree she is buried under and gave that picture to a tattoo artist and asked him to put in on my back.

  • Family Tree

    This tattoo is a future representation of my family. When it’s complete, “hanging” from each branch will be an ornament representing each of my family members.

  • Grim reaper in grave yard

    It is a memorial tattoo for close friends and loved ones I have lost. I still need to get it finished by adding a few more tombstones and then add names and dates to them. I’m also getting a night… [ read more ]

  • Raven by Ivan Eror (CRO)

  • The beginning of my sleeve.

    I want my sleeve to look like an eerie dark and haunted scene. I’m a big King Diamond fan and I’ll be incorporating some items from his album covers.

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