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  • The Phoenix

    To me this tattoo signifies a few different things in different ways.. The tree itself represents strength, life, remembering always to stay grounded.. It represents a structured chaos. Trees grow based on a basic law of nature but yet the… [ read more ]

  • 100% Healed Wolf Howling To The Moon

  • unless

    I believe we must all care for nature to thrive

  • Infinity tree

  • The colors of life

    This tattoo resembles the good in me

  • Tree of life

    It’s my life in one tree, the leaves represents the problems i had.

  • Reading under the Tree of Lie

    I am an avid reader, and who doesn’t love trees? Specifically, I believe that reading will give you insight, to see through all the BS; it is part of life, and part of my tree of life.

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