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  • Tribal Cross

    The significance my tattoo has is that at the time my life was very mixed up and going in many different directions and I thought that this was the perfect art to symbolize that time in my life and it… [ read more ]

  • Strength

    I have been through allot in life and god has given me the strength to get back up and this tattoo represents the pain and strength i had to go through in life.

  • Dreams unwind, love’s a state of mind

    Some dreams don’t go as planned. Love isn’t something you do, it’s what you feel. Going through a bad break up taught me this, you don’t need somebody else’s feelings to make yourself complete.

  • eagle feather

    I got this in remembrance of my grandfather who passed away from leukaemia.

  • too the moon and back

    I like the tribal idea and the moon and stars I always tell my twins I love you too the moon and back.

  • Dragon Mask

    It’s a symbol of protection as I am a tiger sign and the dragon had my back.

  • The Serinity Chest mural

    It stands for everything i am!