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  • my 1/2 sleeve

    tattoo is a representation of my tribe as mound builders . almost done

  • Tribal

    Just love the size of this awesome tattoo.

  • Tribal

    I reveived my first tattoo while traveling in Europe and always wanted to add to this tattoo. Now it’s finaly done!

  • ESPN Sports Network Logo Tattoo

    This tattoo means a very great deal of inspiration for me. This started out as a small bet between myself and a few friends of mine. As the dare and topic of me getting an “entertainment sports network” logo tattoo… [ read more ]

  • Freedom

    It indicates the need to be free and live a “bright” life.

  • “Free”

    Learnt from my past, now I’m letting go and moving on

  • fantasy

    The fairy represents me , I’m a dreamer the butterflies ate for my kids and grandkids .