• Compass

    Always remember me to keep on my way

  • Tribal Pheonix

    When I was younger I was in a bad car accident. Bad enough that when I was in the ER my heart stopped and the head doctor announced I was clinically dead. my mother fainted at the foot of the… [ read more ]

  • Wolf

    This is suppose to be the myth that wolves only mate once. (no I haven’t met mine)

  • Ecuadorian Monkey

    Ecuadorian roots and history.

  • dreamcatcher

    I collect dreamcatchers and strongly believe in their power. I bought this exact dreamcatcher on my first trip to Los Angeles, CA and it is my favorite one to date.

  • Slipknot Dedication

    This tattoo is so important to me because I have been listening to Slipknot since I can remember. I was a troubled kid in my own way as a lot of us are and when ever i was having a… [ read more ]

  • Snake!!