• Slipknot Dedication

    This tattoo is so important to me because I have been listening to Slipknot since I can remember. I was a troubled kid in my own way as a lot of us are and when ever i was having a… [ read more ]

  • Snake!!

  • maori

  • Big Tribal

    I Tattoed this for remember an exgirlfriend who played with me.. everytime I see it…. I remember and dont let girls play with me.

  • lion tribal pr

    I did this on my puerto rican homeboy

  • Dream Big

    I’ve always been a huge fan of dream catchers and to always be a dream chaser. This tattoo represents the fact that you always have to chase your dreams and you’ll be happier.

  • Tribal Cross

    The significance my tattoo has is that at the time my life was very mixed up and going in many different directions and I thought that this was the perfect art to symbolize that time in my life and it… [ read more ]