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  • ESPN Sports Network Logo Tattoo

    This tattoo means a very great deal of inspiration for me. This started out as a small bet between myself and a few friends of mine. As the dare and topic of me getting an “entertainment sports network” logo tattoo… [ read more ]

  • Freedom

    It indicates the need to be free and live a “bright” life.

  • “Free”

    Learnt from my past, now I’m letting go and moving on

  • fantasy

    The fairy represents me , I’m a dreamer the butterflies ate for my kids and grandkids .

  • Tribal wings

    Is my biggest tattoo, I love the shape and the fact that one ‘wing’ is mandala very delicate and the opposite is tribal quite thick, also part of it was redesigned by me so is personalised like all the dot… [ read more ]

  • Tribal butterfly

    It was my first tattoo and the most painful one

  • low

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