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  • Snape Tribute

    I am a HE fanatic and Snape was my favorite character. I came up with this idea to honor him

  • Rainbow from the storm

    Always find the positive side to each situation- I have struggled with adhd all of my life. As a child I was treated to help manage it. Late in high school I decided that I no longer wanted to take… [ read more ]

  • Tribute to my kids

    I have 5 living children, I wanted something to remind me of their birth, I spoke to Tattoo artist about my idea, and the Master drew up exactly what I was looking for, old clocks and pocket watches, to finish… [ read more ]

  • Tribute to my Dad and my husband

    I combined a tribute to my father who passed away in 2014 and my husband.

  • My Lucky Penny

    It is a copy of my mom, Penny Wilson, favorite keychain. Only thing changed was I had her birth and death year put on it. She always collected “lucky pennies.” I have my lucky penny with me always and forever.

  • Tribute to my Dad

    My dad was the best he could do anything!! This is my tribute/memorial to him and his life he was Mess Sergeant in the Army his favourite thing to make was dessert an damn they were fantastic!! Miss his cooking… [ read more ]

  • Lion & Lamb Memorial

    This is a memorial piece for my father who passed away suddenly. He always talked about wanting to get a lion and lamb tattoo, but unfortunately never got a chance to get one- So, I got one for him <3… [ read more ]

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