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  • Daddy’s guiding hand

    It is my daddy’s hand print. He passed away January 29th. I was fortunate enough to get it the night before he passed.

  • Never Forge

    I am a Marine and proud American and wanted to have a Tattoo to say I will never forget what past, Present and Future service members will give.

  • Flower (hibiscus)

    Dedicated to mum

  • Native American

    At a very young age, my grandmother contacted meningitis. She survived, but it left her without the ability to speak. Art was her main form of communication. This is one of her pieces about her heritage.

  • Tribute to a friend

    A very close friend was diagnosed with leukemia on December 12th, 2012. She fought her battle long and hard and after 9 months and defeating her illness she was taken from us on September 13, 2013 from pneumonia. I know… [ read more ]

  • Strength

    A tribute to remind me of how others have given me the Strength to go forward. Artist Tattoo BY Raff

  • rip

    It represent my mate that passd away

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