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  • Dr. Winston O’Boogie

    This tattoo was my 2nd tat and is one of the most meaningful ones to me. John Lennon is my idol and has been since I was around 2 years old. This is just the begining of my leg sleeve… [ read more ]

  • Maya

    Its my mother’s name : Maya which means Illusion, God’s power. Below is the date where she left for heaven.

  • My Family Bear Paw

    This tattoo is for my family & has my wife’s name large across the paw with my five living children’s names around the edges. At the top of the paw is a pair of angel wings and the only color… [ read more ]

  • Father

    This is for my father who past in February of heart disease. A red ribbon for heart disease with his nickname Borch across it

  • Love Always 19-05-2003

    I got this tattoo in remembrance of my mom’s passing ten years ago, when I was 8. She’s been my guardian angel ever since.

  • IMG_20130430_203312

    Tribute to my daughter and son who are the loves of my life, after the death of their father. My daughter protects her brother and loves him with all her heart.

  • 013

    My way of healing after losing my baby

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