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  • Donatello TMNT

    Childhood, nostalgic

  • Mermaid Paradise

    I am a diver, hence the marine theme. I also perform at pirate festivals, and renaissance fairs. (trivia, I was one of the nerdy kids that hung around with Bud Bundy, on Married with Children. Nerd no more. lol

  • Turtle Tattoo

    This tattoo I got in remembrance of my Grandma Sweet like her but a little bit additude like me .

  • It’s the Nemo kind of life

    This tattoo represents my Pisces element: water. I love ocean life and going to the beach! I love this piece so much because it has all my favorite elements from the ocean especially the huge turtle!

  • Strength

    This tattoo means to me is for my mother. The story of turtles is that when turtles are born only the strongest survive and my mother has gone threw alot in life and she has shown nothing but strength and… [ read more ]

  • Jose’s Sea Turtle inner bicep

    Representation of the wildlife native to his P.R home

  • IMG-20130603-WA0007

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