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  • Floral Elegance

    This floral tattoo resembles the love of flowers my grandmother has. It refers to the script, which is in Swedish that I have on my two forearms. My grandmother is Swedish and she use to sing me a lullaby when… [ read more ]

  • Painted eagle

    The eagle is the sign of my home land. I god damn love this piece.

  • beautiful disaster

    I feel like it fits me very well…I’m just a beautiful disaster.. <3

  • My antique mirror Ganesh

    It says to me that beauty isn’t only skin deep and also symbolizes strength.

  • Alice in wonderland

    All my tattoos have a meaning Alive in wonderland -I’m a dreamer get easily distracted Mermaid- been around the beach my whole life love the ocean and surfing

  • image

    My brother is probably the most important person in my life. He was in the Navy, later on joined the Marine Corps, and I missed him like hell when he was gone. I got this tattoo so I’d always feel… [ read more ]