upper arm

  • dragon on my upper body

    My first tattoo was a smiley that my best friend on my 14th Birthday tattooed with a simple needle to the right nipple. It hurt like hell, but I wanted to be tattooed, ever since I can remember. Gradually, more… [ read more ]

  • Nosferatu

    I am an old film fanatic! I find myself watching all of the old films on TCM(Turner Classic Movies) rather than watching what anyone would call normal television. I also have a slight obsession with vampires. This tattoo represents my… [ read more ]

  • 2013-03-29_21-02-53_12

    Always loved starwars, always boba fett was my favorite for many reasons


  • tattootwo

    I adore sailor imagery ,traditional with a twist.This is black and red with some yellow excellent lines.Theres more on my arm Working on sleeves

  • ink

    I’m a small time fashion designer & Louis Vuitton is my favorite fashion house….I’m a colorful bitch…who lig likes to be in the spotlight!

  • Fall10262

    I got the leopard print first on a whim and then a year or so later, I added the Roses, Cherry Blossoms and pink swirls. Sometimes I get sick of this tattoo, however, it is mine and I embrace it…. [ read more ]