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  • Native Bear

    Just a fierce part of my Native American heritage. The bear is a big part of our culture that has many meanings in it. I gave Shon Kennedy at Ink’d City tattoo studio & he made it come to life.

  • Dragon Ball Z

  • Power

    I have always wanted a tiger tattoo but never could figure out exactly how I wanted it until one day I saw a t-shirt with a tiger busting through the chest and it came to me to have the tiger… [ read more ]

  • War-Queen

  • Never Forge

    I am a Marine and proud American and wanted to have a Tattoo to say I will never forget what past, Present and Future service members will give.

  • Ozzy Osbourne

    I had this Ozzy tribute done 2 days ago in a pub in the UK at a small tattoo convention. It was done by my good friend Dan Dwight of Dan Dwights Dark Art who is only 22 and been… [ read more ]

  • Hawk

    Footy Team

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