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  • Tribute to the USA lifestyle by Rodrigo Galvez

    Tribute to the USA lifestyle done in Sailor and Saints Tattoo & Piercing with Radiant Colors Usa and Sorry Mom

  • Statue Of Freedom

    It resembles how American freedoms slowly seem to be crumbling which is why half of the Statue of Libertys face is crumbling into a skull resembling the American people getting angry of how things have changed in our country. Tattoo… [ read more ]

  • Half Sleeve American Flag Tattoo

    This is a tribute for EVERYONE who made this country what is today. I love this country more than anything else in the world. This tattoo is honestly just who I am. Your stereotypical Patriotic, Angry American who bleeds Red… [ read more ]

  • California wrestling

    California wrestling

  • backtats

    Im a diesel mechanic for the Army

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