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  • Vamp Life

    I’d say it relates to the dark aura around me, night owl, goth, you get the feeling.

  • vampire

    I’ve always loved vampires and at one point when I was younger, I wanted to become one.

  • Nosferatu

    I am an old film fanatic! I find myself watching all of the old films on TCM(Turner Classic Movies) rather than watching what anyone would call normal television. I also have a slight obsession with vampires. This tattoo represents my… [ read more ]

  • love sucks

    My life

  • Necroscope and D&D die

    Is about RPG and literature, 2 of my passions.

  • IMG_0786

    This is on my ribs but there was no option to select that.

  • m_2871cd1f097c462e80b9d9d5d4eb

    i have a fettish for vampires, and me and my best friend are really into punk horror, we collaborated together and came up with the idea of pornstar vampire lips and evil bat wings, and got matching ones on our… [ read more ]