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  • kingdom hearts theme

    My favorite video game and a bit of obsession.

  • Mario Traditional

    I’m a huge video game fan. Nintendo is my shit and this one sick as tattoo so a small little homage to my love for those two.

  • Mitochondria Eve

    Parasite Eve is my favorite Playstation game that I have been obsessed with since I was a kid. The tattoo is based on a drawing found in the manga series Parasite Eve: DIVA. I’m very proud of this tattoo and… [ read more ]

  • Assassin’s creed logo

    this is my favorite video game ever, the story touch me like no game before. LOVE EZIO <3

  • Oregon Trail Wagon

    I’m a nerdy Oregonian whose ancestors came over on the Oregon Trail. I grew up in the era of pixelated games, and I’ve played Oregon Trail so much that I’ve actually solved it (once, after many many attempts).

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