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  • Rosehips


  • Ivy Vine

    It is my favorite tattoo so far. It will be the starting point to my body length jack n the beanstalk themed tattoo.

  • fantasy

    The fairy represents me , I’m a dreamer the butterflies ate for my kids and grandkids .

  • Flight of freedom

    The butterflies symbolise a sense of freedom for me, plus my hip is the sexiest place for a tattoo. The jade flower on my arm is for my daughter

  • Snake

    My mother kept snakes when I was growing up, she was an exotic dancer and I fell in love with them at an early age! This Tattoo is part of an ongoing project, from my forearm up, over my shoulder… [ read more ]

  • White Ink Vine

    Vines are the type of plant that when you try to kill them or knock them down, they just come back stronger. This tattoo represents me and my life struggles, and because of those struggles I am a stronger person… [ read more ]

  • tat

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