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  • Italian Sailor from Ponza by Rob Corsino

    a 1950’s Italian navy sailor by Rob Corsino

  • Mermaid Tattoo

  • A Pirate’s Life For Me

  • The Amazing Spiderman Issue #75

    Growing up my family and I were poor and all my money that I made from any thing I did went to Spiderman Comics. Spiderman helped me get through some tough times. No matter what was going on, I could… [ read more ]

  • Vintage skull with rose and jewels

    The meaning of the skull is the change that my life had in recent times, the rose near the ear recalls my hairstyle, the old jewels are related to my passion for vintage and art decò elements represent my passion… [ read more ]

  • 3 lillies

    This tattoo represents my 3 younger siblings that my dad and step-mother had together. They are all under the age of 7 and mean the entire world to me. I got a flower in each of their favorite colors. Jon… [ read more ]

  • Gun Slinger

    I got this tattoo to show that I don’t need anyone’s protection but my own. You can’t always rely on others to be able to protect yourself at the end of the day because at the end of the day… [ read more ]

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