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  • new feather tattoo

    It represents then fresh start I haveadd in my life, the birds breaking away from the feather represent freedom.

  • Sigurrós Band Tattoo

    A quote from my favourite band, Sigur Rós, from Iceland.

  • Paws for a hug

    I got this for my dog she’s the first one I have personally owned, have always had family dogs. I got it so when I travel and she can’t come with me that I always have her with me. When… [ read more ]

  • Paint Splatter Paw Print

    Tons! But all mine do lol this was done from my dogs actual paw print, she is a 3 year old lab/collie whose not only my best friend or little girl but my sobriety partner 😉

  • I am not afraid!

  • Tears of a tiger

    This is my newest addition & my favourite! Done by an amazing artist, whose an amazing man. Love the colour, & brightness!

  • Iron Man

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