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  • Title waves, they rip right through me

  • Mammoth Back Piece

    Things my grandpa thought were rad! Taken in Mammoth Hot Springs by Kris Lillemets

  • japanese back

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  • sharky

  • Progress of my Japanese style leg sleeve.

    The lotus is a beautiful flower grown in mud. Despite its surroundings it is still a beautiful flower and grows through the bad environment. The cherry blossoms are a beautiful flower that has a short window of life. They grow,… [ read more ]

  • Water Dragon

    This is one of my elemental dragons. A series that I am working on and almost have completed. It was also my first attempt with a new artist and I loved the outcome. The Dragon is a western dragon and… [ read more ]

  • Dragon

    Had a lot of fun with this one, drawing it on and tattooing it. This kids a beast!

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