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  • the Koi

    it covered a bad Marilyn Monroe tattoo and released a lot of tension from my past its also means to me the over coming of hardship and creating peace from with in

  • image

    My brother is probably the most important person in my life. He was in the Navy, later on joined the Marine Corps, and I missed him like hell when he was gone. I got this tattoo so I’d always feel… [ read more ]

  • NickInk

    I believe that the four elements together is what keeps the human race going. Take one away then its chaos

  • shintat3

    This tattoo represents Portland, OR and my love for the American traditional tattoo style. The rose represents “Rose City” and also representing the city I am a native to. The banner “stay true” represents staying true to myself, family and… [ read more ]

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  • adamsnecktetty

  • 2013-02-0611.45.35

    For me this piece represents two opposites (yin and yang koi fish), working in harmony with each other. The cherry blossoms in the water represent the love that they are immersed in