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  • watercolor caduceus nursing

    I graduated nursing school. The watercolor symbolizes the messy, crazy journey I went through and the sketchy lines represent that it is still ongoing and not yet finished.

  • cover up by Rob Corsino a Veterans poppy for grandpa and grandmas writing

    veteran poppy memorial

  • Freehand abstract inspired by the song ‘Anywhere on This Road’ by Lhasa de Sela.

  • elephant flash water color tattoo

    Baby elephant tattoo done by C.K. Tattoo. Location: Athens, Greece Studio: Black Revolver It’s the youth, the madness, the purity i have as a person and i always wanna remember myself playfull.

  • Cass’s Subflower by butch aggasid of ink digger

    Color of life. Freedom

  • Watercolor Pawprints

    It was a tattoo to signify the loss of a family dog.

  • Rainbow from the storm

    Always find the positive side to each situation- I have struggled with adhd all of my life. As a child I was treated to help manage it. Late in high school I decided that I no longer wanted to take… [ read more ]

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