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  • Watercolor Rose

    I actually got the rose for my grandmother. When I was 16 and started getting tattoos she always told me she wished I would get something “pretty” like a butterfly or something on my ankle. Now I’m 22 and decided… [ read more ]

  • Painted Eye

    Ive always wanted an eye tattoo but something different. I saw something similar to this and had to have it done.

  • 100 Acre Woods

    It has been a long project for me and it’s complete and healed and I am very proud of the finished product.

  • Fly free

    Freedom. Finally being at peace and floating in the wind .

  • peace of pieces

    I saved for this tattoo for years. I got the idea off of a Wal-Mart nightgown I bought years ago it was the background and had the lyrics to the Beatles song “come together” all around it. Also my favorite… [ read more ]

  • Water Color Birds

    I had this piece done for my son

  • Lost in the thought of you

    It reminds me that I can get through anything!