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  • Harley Quinn Watercolor Diamonds

    I gained the nickname Harley Quinn for my nerdy-ness as well as embodiment of her.

  • Painted stars

    “gift” from a good friend. start of a watercolor that will go all the way up my leg.

  • WaterColor I Just May

    This tattoo was done over a 11 hour (one sitting) with a return client.. My artist behind this piece of art is Hailee Ward. Shes been behind the scenes for 3 years.

  • whole life collecting memories

    I did the design, which says, “the whole life collecting memories”, a clock with the time of birth of my son, and the date of the release of my first album material and for me the phrase is what we… [ read more ]

  • Painted eagle

    The eagle is the sign of my home land. I god damn love this piece.

  • Dali by caio romero

  • Geomectric Watercolor

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