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  • Watercolour lotus’

  • Traditional meets watercolor

    My sister and I got matching sibling tattoos the bottle actually says RLP made to look like a rip which is the initials of myself, sister and brother. We put favorite things we each like into it, feather ,old key,… [ read more ]

  • Watercolour Peacock Side Tattoo by Makkayla Rose NZ

    Symbolises elegance, integrity, beautyetc

  • Cherry blossom watercolour

    I had my Tattoo done by Abenk Sila at Bali Shadow Tattoo, Seminyak in April this year. It starts low on my torso to disguise my appendix scar (done when I was 14!) travels up my side & back to… [ read more ]

  • watercolour travels

    these are actual stamps out of my passport, most of the places I’ve traveled to

  • Scar Tissue

  • The kingfisher and The freesia

    This tattoo represents my grandma and my grandpa. The kingfisher is my grandpa as he loved them and the freesia is my grandma as she had a passion for her garden and it was her favorite flower. The writing is… [ read more ]

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