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  • Out at Sea

  • Progress of my Japanese style leg sleeve.

    The lotus is a beautiful flower grown in mud. Despite its surroundings it is still a beautiful flower and grows through the bad environment. The cherry blossoms are a beautiful flower that has a short window of life. They grow,… [ read more ]

  • Old school Japanese panther and snake

    The panther and the snakes symbols my inner character it’s a big strong point about who I am and the story’s I can tell from what the symbols of the animal/reptile means!

  • Skull

    The skull to me means everyone is the same underneath. What makes use unique is the way we choose to live our lives.

  • Life & Death

  • image

    This tattoo signifies a tragic event that our family has come thru. The fish is representative of myself swimming upwards, breaking free( the anchor)with Gods help( the hands) towards my strength that kept me going,my children( the swallows) and my… [ read more ]

  • Alex