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  • Back peice

  • NomeDreamcatcher

    Positive energy. Catches any negative thoughts or feelings.

  • Raven wings

    The significance in this tattoo is very deep for me. My ex fiancĂ© used to beat me, including into a miscarriage once, for many years. This tattoo is a reminder that the ravens wings will always provide a shadow over… [ read more ]

  • First Tat.

    This is my first tattoo, and it’s more significant that it’s my mother’s name.

  • ChrisInkWorldMap

  • Deadman Crow

    I’ve wanted to tattoo a crow for a long time and when the chance arrived I made it bomb.

  • Skeleton in Heartagram

    I love skulls and skeletons and the heartagram to me represents love and hate. The way the skeleton is on my tattoo represents the stress that comes when stuck in between these two things. The tattoo artist’s ability to bring… [ read more ]

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